About us

about us

We love receiving postcards. We love sending them even more.

But to truly make a connection, there needs to be a little something extra.

And so, Dear Post is excited to present, postcards with a twist.

At Dear Post, you can create a postcard from a picture you’ve clicked, no matter where in the world you are. Just select a picture, type a message, and we’ll do the rest.

Stay in touch while you travel, or share a moment from your everyday life with someone far away. It’s convenient and simple. The joy of making your own postcard is indescribable. Give it a try, and you’ll know just what we mean.

So what will you send to your friend? Will it be a picture of yourself on holiday? Or the scary spider you saw lurking around the house? Perhaps it will be something whimsical. Whatever you send, we’re certain it’s going to put a huge smile on the receiver’s face.

Happy Postcarding!

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