The power of emotions.

The very core of our being is our ability to connect with people around us, this gives our lives meaning, purpose and harmony. Nimisha Verma, the Founder of Home For Artists and contributor to positive change, shares her experience with us, of her first healing workshop in Chennai.


Dearpost also had the opportunity of collaborating with Nimisha, to make custom designed postcards by @shivamsehgalartwork on the theme Sufi, that best accompanied the workshop.

Nimisha Verma- “This was my first time in Chennai and although I was there for a very short period of time and the people I met gave me everlasting memories. The Workshop was conducted in this beautiful space of my new friend Zeba who introduced to me by my another friend Sandhya who again, recently moved to Chennai. With the help of these two inspiring women, I was able to conduct this workshop without any trouble and hassle. Zeba was a great host and generous enough to allow us use her house kitchen to make some chai. It was a beautiful beginning of the day indeed.”

The workshop begins with cleansing meditation using camphor for 5 minutes, as they discuss self-awareness in the whole process.

She says self-awareness is essential to love yourself. And Dissolving the idea of self is more essential to love someone else. But you have to experience both. To love is to surrender. After which she goes on to discuss how one can understand the self better.

She explains an important concept in Sufism called “nafs” which means false ego and that Pride, Greed, envy, lust, backbiting are some of the characteristics of nafs. And overcoming these characteristics is the biggest milestone to form deeper meaningful relationships with people. And more importantly, develop trust in other people.

You know what they say about people in love? They call them fools, idiots, reckless and, of course, disillusioned. Let me tell you that all of it is true. People in love are as foolish as can be. Because they do not weigh the pros and cons of loving. They don’t know how to bargain, what to bargain, how much to give or how much to take. They just love. They do not have any sense of superiority and hence are idiots who know that everyone is worth loving, everything is worth loving. And safety isn’t the first thing on their priority list. They jump, rather dive, head first into the most reckless thing of all - to love somebody. We all know how much of absolute disregard for oneself is needed for someone to give their heart right away. And lastly, it takes courage to look for something that isn’t so common anymore. Something so pure and divine, you almost think it’s a myth. And what do we call people who believe in myths? Disillusioned, of course! They’re brave enough to find love, and when they do, they chase it to the end of the world and hold onto it until time itself runs out. You can’t blame them either, because, how can you tell a fish to not throb in pain without water? Or how do you expect dandelions to find freedom without the wind? So pray to tell me, how can lovers live without loving at all? How can they stop being fools ?”  - zeiya ( writer and friend of Nimisha )

End Of Workshop

 Nimisha says that after distributing some beautiful postcards they all celebrated their oneness with this universe. Opening their hearts to believe in goodness and compassion that floats in this air we breathe in, experiencing vulnerability and a strong connection with each other. She also adds that it was a very positive and powerful session and it was only possible because of the active participation of each and every member.


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Written by DearPost on Sep 21, 2018