Share travel experiences as postcards.

1. What comes to your mind when I say postcards?

Static stories of places you have been to.

2. How often do you send postcards?

Two to three a month, it depends on the places I travel to, usually, those postcards are street sketches of the places I have been to.

3. Who do you send postcards to?

Unknown people most times, friends and family occasionally. The idea is to tell someone in the world what I am doing that week.

4. Why do you send postcards in this day and age?

It’s tangible. Creates links to memories you have of a place.
One of my recipients got intrigued about who I am and tracked me down, In my postcards, I do not use my name, but she found a way to get to one of my exhibitions in Paris, we are amazing friends since. 

5. What joy do you get from sending postcards?

It is the essence of sending someone a piece of memory I have with a place or a person at any point in time.

6. What is the most memorable response you've got from any person after posting to them? 

I have always sent hand-drawn postcards, been doing it for 4 years now, A few months back an artist from Bolivia sent me a postcard which was hand drawn, why I find it really memorable is the fact that I never sent her a postcard. So I could get a sense of what I people who receive my cards feel.

7. Now that you know of our product, would you consider using it over postcards from shelves?

Yes definitely, I quite like the photo postcards option on the website where I can send digital versions of my sketches to multiple recipients now.


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Written by DearPost on Jul 19, 2018