Meet Anamica Jain: A 27 year old, postcrossing enthusiast.


1.What comes to your mind when I say postcards?

Travel & experience - the old-fashioned way. Being a part of someone’s life through a handwritten message sent in a postcard, while making them a part of my journey. My first few postcards were from my parents, with a separate message for each of us siblings, sometimes even separate cards, and now my dad waits for our postcards when we travel. It’s a beautiful cycle.


2. How often do you send postcards?

I send postcards on a weekly basis. It gets difficult going to the post office every day, so I try and write daily, and post them weekly. Sometimes, I randomly send postcards to my friends who I meet almost every day. But I still feel like I don’t write enough.



3. Who do you send postcards to?

I write not just to family and friends, but anyone and everyone. I recently went to the UK for a holiday with family; I made picture postcards, wrote down my favourite memories with the family and friends we stayed with, and mailed it back to them. They were extremely happy. It’s the little things that make a difference, isn’t it?




4. Why do you send postcards in this day and age?

As a person, I’m into travelling, taking pictures and making memories. I’m a memory-hoarder (if that’s a thing) - I save my tickets, bills, beer caps and wine labels, the same way I send postcards to make them a part of my journey, basically, my life. It's been going on for ages now, but what makes it special at this age is the handwritten element; the essence of a stamp, and the fact that someone has made an effort to send something simple yet so special.



5. What joy do you get from sending postcards?

I enjoy absolutely everything about the snail-mail experience. All the little things that add to the beauty of mailing. I like keeping an assortment of stamps for my outgoing mails. I just love the fact that India post has a beautiful range of stamps, it makes a whole lot of difference when you are posting them out. The highlight, of course, is when the receiver notices the little details and has enjoyed the card.



6. What is the most memorable response you've got from any person after posting to them? 

Once I had the honour of writing a postcard to a postman from one of the cities in the USA, when he replied, I became a fan of his. It’s just amazing how they view things from a different perspective. He loved the feeling behind each card he delivers so carefully to everyone.




7. Now that you know of our product, would you consider using it over postcards from shelves?

Dear post is without a doubt amazing. But if you add that handwritten element to it, it will be the ultimate go-to. To me what the highlight of dear post is, that I can get postcards sent through you from my vacation using my own photographs and I don’t have the time to find postage.


8. Any memorable story associated with postcards, you would like to share with us?

 In my journey through postcards, I haven’t just discovered new parts of the world that I didn’t know existed and want to visit, but I have also interacted with people of all age groups and various backgrounds. I think that's the highlight; getting to know the place through a local, the life there, what keeps them going and the little things in life that are different for everyone yet so similar.

My all-time favourite experience and something that really inspired me to spread the joy of writing is when I received a postcard from a 11-year-old kid, it was handwritten in pencil, I wrote back to check on how his exam went (he mentioned it on the postcard), and his teacher replied. She makes these kids write postcards and uses the ones that come to teach them about the different parts of the world! What a brilliant initiative, hats off to that teacher. I admire her and I wish I could have done the same.


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Written by DearPost on Jul 27, 2018