I am a mail artist.


1.What comes to your mind when I say postcards?

A lot of thoughts do pop up in my mind when I hear the word “Postcard” but the top three would be: Love, Memories, Souvenirs. While we might be more digitally connected than ever, I think postcards tend to carry that emotional bond that reminds us of our connectivity in a more physical way! I started collecting postcards quite recently, and have been obsessed since then. I would to receive postcards from every corner of the world someday.

For me, a postcard is not all about the illustration or the image that goes on the top but also the time, love and affection one puts into writing and decorating them. I personally like to take time to think of whom I’d like to write to, use my favourite pens and then decorate them using washi tapes, stickers, photos etc. to make them personalized as possible.


2. How often do you send postcards?

I send postcards on a daily basis. I end up writing at least 3-4 postcards in a day or sometimes even more. O’ the joy you get in writing them is beyond description! I am blessed to have a super sweet mailman “Rudy” who comes by my house every day to collect my outgoing postcards and letters thus saving my daily trips to the post office. We often sit in my patio listening to his post office related stories, about my pen pals…sipping on nimbu pani and discussing how the snail mail era is being kept alive by post crossers and snail mailers like us.


3. Who do you send postcards to?

I am a mail artist, and a post crosser too. I love writing to my friends, pen pals, strangers and family too. When I am on a road trip, I also write postcards to myself and drop them off from the place I have been travelling to. Those postcards serve as great souvenirs and are a beautiful addition to my travel flipbook or album.


4. Why do you send postcards in this day and age?

The feeling that is lost in a message, text, tweet or an e-mail, is found in the postcards and letters. Postcards show the time and effort a person took, to allocate some time from his/her 24-hour busy schedule, sat down and wrote it. Postcards are tangible and tactile in this era of digitalization which is why I prefer sending out postcards, cards and letters instead of instant messaging services. 


5. What joy do you get from sending postcards?

I spend a lot of time decorating the envelopes (mail art) and the postcards based on what the recipient likes! Being a paper artist, I simply enjoy the whole process, right from selecting the postcard to affixing the stamps and dropping it off at a post office. It is one of the platforms through which I can showcase my art in the form of mail art. Apart from this, The USPS every year issues some really cool stamps and often limited artwork which are like an added bonus to my joy of sending out the postcards.


6. What is the most memorable response you've got from any person after posting to them?

Woah! That’s a tough one but there was this old lady who had contacted me via the post crossing website for a postcard project she was doing to surprise his 80-year-old husband who was an avid philatelist in his young age. She wanted to receive stamps from all over the world (affixed onto the postcards) addressed to his husband wishing him a very happy 80th Birthday! I thought this was a really cool way of using the postcards for a beautiful cause. After a month later, she sent me out a thankyou postcard which was a very kind gesture on her part. I simply love how the members of the post crossing society support and love one another.


7. Now that you know of our product, would you consider using it over postcards from shelves?

I simply love the ingenious idea; you guys have come up with. It’s a wonderful way to send out postcards from your personal album to your loved ones without worrying about affixing the postage, thus saving a trip to the post office. As if this wasn’t the best part, you also have the option of adding your own handwritten message, talk about personalization!! The whole post crossing experience just got more Aah-mazing via dearpost!


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Written by DearPost on Aug 03, 2018