How to send a postcard in India?

Trying to send a postcard from India, but don’t know how it works? Fret not, we got you covered. And after reading this, you’d probably feel an irresistible itch to send one out yourself.

Most Indian post offices(which on a side note, are a charming world of their own) have a corner with a collection of postcards and stamps which can be bought for very nominal rates. This corner is usually a guarded counter with a chatty old man who might just be the warmest and the most helpful human being on the planet. 

As you ruffle through their humble collection of postcards, which are usually pictures of generic Indian landscapes or sometimes cultural aspects like various dance forms, a few food shots, etc., you can pick one that you find interesting enough to write on. Once that's done, move on to the more interesting and exciting bit- picking a stamp.

This is when the proud man behind the counter takes out his huge folder with stamps of different price ranges, depending on whether you would want to post it outside the country or within India. As you casually breeze through these beautiful, unique stamps, each with a speciality of its own, you would definitely be tempted to buy a few for your own collection(or start one, for that matter. Stamps are like that sticker collection we had as kids, but a lot more cooler. ).

You’d even be surprised to know that most Indian post offices have a philately section with a huge collection of designer stamps that are launched every year. You can even sign up for a membership, where they send a set home to add to your collection every year, of every possible theme you can imagine from ranging between architecture, culture, yoga, animals, sports and what not.

After this whole entertaining process, find yourself a quiet corner in the post office or step out for a cup of chai and sit down to write a thoughtful note at the back of the postcard to that lucky soul you are posting this to. If you're thinking that a 'whatsapp' could replace this feeling in a flash of a second, try this once and see the difference. 

Text messages are forgotten sooner than your phone battery dies out in a day. But postcards? Are tangible memories for a lifetime. 

If you've come this far and just went “Ahh mann, I wish I had the time for this, but I don’t know when I'll get to do it“, log on to and send a postcard of your very own photos.

It makes it a lot special and with our range of handwritten fonts to choose from, and with just a few clicks on your phone, you can send a postcard that will be a lot more memorable and cherished. Surprise a loved one when they're are least expecting it. =)

And if you want to write on the postcards yourself, you can buy yourself a set or even a single card which will be shipped to you and you'll have the pleasure of selecting your own stamps at the post office and dropping it in the big red box that is a magic portal to your happy mail. 

Whatever you choose to do, our mini team can't wait to deliver and spread more love through Dearpost.



Happy Posting all! Toodles!

Written by DearPost on Oct 15, 2018