Here is why watching "Little Things 2" is going to reinforce the power of -Little Things. (PS: No spoilers.)

This weekend has been extra special with everyone waiting on their toes to tune back into Dhruv and Kays’s beautiful little life. Instagram’s weekend stories are filled with screen grabs of people ready to binge watch this series that the usual weekend plans across the globe, and that is enough to show the showcase the magnitude at which these on screen characters have become a part of our lives.

If you havent unlocked the secret behind the success of the show, it is an open secret, as the couple do a very successful job of portraying a reflection of life’s like our very own.

They zoom into ( quite literally ) everyday little things that we all do and easily go unnoticed and are dismissed as ordinary. But what is strikingly beautiful is when we begin to see our own lives, in theirs.

Just take a clip from the series and draw relevance to a similar situation in your own life and play a good background score. You will notice how our lives are filled with all sorts of relatable moments and all sorts of colour and that is what makes our ordinary lives, special.

Now imagine picking out moments like these and making a photo collage with them. It will be a beautiful story for itself with all the people who have been a part of this and also shared the same moment with you. It forms a strong unidimensional connection with the people in it, that we otherwise describe as life.

So while Dhruv and Kavya, go through life, sharing their own moments with us. They also leave us with a great source of inspiration to look into our very own and realise how special and memorable our ever so ordinary lives can be.

And just as they have shared their reel lives ( pun intended ) with us, you can develop your very own reel into picture postcards with Dearpost.

 Send out some ordinary, yet special moments from your life as picture postcards to friends and loved ones and also drop everything and watch the series this weekend.

For our long life is made out of little things after all..

Written by DearPost on Oct 06, 2018