Artist recreates everday things into Whimsical Illustrations.

 We interviewed artist Jemma Jose, about her 100-day art project, which is a series of illustrations that celebrate everyday little things through her whimsical characters.

 1. What is Gorillathon?

 The Gorilla-Girl-a-Thon is pure fun. It’s a whole lotta gorillas having a good time and doing their own thing in unlikely places around Chennai. It’s meant to bring a smile on your face and maybe even a chuckle seeing such a great, hulking beast reading a book or befriending a crow in a bizarre setting.

 2. How did the idea come about?

 The whole series was my stab at a #100dayproject on Instagram. It meant creating a 100 unique drawings on a regular basis and I knew I wanted to work on something that was quick to do and a lot of fun. I had earlier made 4 illustrations of monkeys and gorillas hiding in places around my neighbourhood but I never took it further. So, I decided to revisit that idea and really go wild with it this time around. 

 3. Tell us about a few interesting moments you had during the project.

 I never plan my gorilla drawings. I compile a list of photos and number them randomly. Only when I start making the illustration do I know what photo I am working with. This makes it a fun challenge. Some days the ideas come easily, on other days, I need to spend some time and make multiple options before proceeding with the final design. These days are frustrating, but I stick with it and it ends up being an artwork I am very proud of.

 Also, I used to be quite inconsistent when it came to putting my work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. And thanks to this series, I ended up drawing almost daily which is what I wanted. When my posts became regular, the community started engaging more with me and that was wonderful!

 4. Do you have any plans on expanding this further?

 I have already commenced stage two of this series which is asking for photo submissions from my Instagram followers. I draw my gorillas on these photos and each participant will be sent a print of the illustration. I wanted to give something back to my Instagram family who have been so supportive with this series. I teamed up with Inkmonk, an online printing service based in Chennai who are generously looking after the printing and sending of art prints. 

This series will go on till I reach 100 gorillas, after that I will retire it as I have other, more exciting projects planned. 

5. What does the joy of little things mean to you?

My inspiration comes from the little things. I find myself actively looking for it wherever I go. The glances between two people walking on the road, an old mailbox hung on a tree, I see such things and immediately these stories spring in my head. This gives me an opportunity to tell stories to others.

This project is a beautiful reminder of the little things in our own lives, that we can see just as we pay a little more attention. There are stories, memories and humor all around us.


Jemma Jose and is currently a freelance illustrator and 2D animator based in Chennai. She studied animation at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune and later at NID, Ahmedabad. You can follow her on Instagram Here.




Written by DearPost on Sep 16, 2018