A post crossing event, that changed words to connections.

 "When the last time you wrote or received a postcard or a letter? 

Was it in your childhood for a birthday? Or maybe a high school love letter? 

In today's digital age where Whatsapp and FB have taken over the 'smart' world, we don't write anymore. No letters, no handwritten notes, not even a handwritten grocery list anymore! Everything is digital or typed. 

Anushka Sawarkar and Mugdha Martin from Pune realised this and wanted to help people rediscover this joy of an actual letter or postcard in their own handwriting. 

These young women came together and organized their second postcards meetup in Pune on 11th August 2018 at Art Sutra Studio in Pune. 



So this was an informal and fun Meetup aimed at promoting and bringing back the beautiful tradition of postcards and handwritten letters. The participants were from varying age groups, who came together to interact and write postcards. 

There were provided a small writing kit with a regular India post yellow postcard, a printed postcard from Art Sutra and postal stamps. The writing stationery including pens, washi tapes, rubber stamps, stickers etc was provided for share and use as well.



During the meetup the participants basically came together and relived their old memories.  Memories consisted of letters written in school, letters written to grandparents and some who actually exchanged postcards back in the day and age when there were no mobile phones or internet. Some of them wrote letters for the first time in many years to reconnect with their old friends. While a father inculcated the habit of writing letters in his young 5-year-old son, a grandmother wrote to her young grandson staying abroad. Everyone had their own story.   

The participants were also guided about things like buying postcards, usage of postal stamps, etc, information which most people aren't aware of . As most don't know about India post being so affordable and reliable as well. 

The meetup was well received and gave everyone the opportunity to reconnect with their near ones in a new way. 

A few of our artist postcards from Dearpost were also given out to the participants to encourage Postcrossing and spread more love.



Anushka and Mugdha say that they wanted people to experience something real in this rather virtual world. Handwritten Postcards are a simple yet powerful way for people to connect in today's busy and fast-paced world This meetup was just one step towards some people experiencing the same. 

Anushka Sawarkar, an Economics Grad who teaches now, is an avid postcrosser and loves to exchange postcards and letters with people in the world.

Mugdha, an artist and owner of her own brand Art Sutra designs and sells postcards, amongst her many other artistic and handmade products. Art Sutra has it's in studio and shop in Pune. 

You can follow them on Instagram at @anushka.postcards and @art_sutra .

Written by DearPost on Sep 11, 2018