6 Reasons why you should send a postcard today.

Right from ordering food to buying to a house, technology has irrefutably made everything more convenient. But despite the comforts, it's given us it's taken away the very core of our being: human connection. 

We might be away in different cities and continents doing what we love, but it's our experiences and people around that really shape us. And while technology has given us so many more ways to communicate than ever before, it's difficult but important to take out the time to talk to the people close to us.


Here are a few reasons why you should write them a postcard today:


1. It's a truly unique gift.

 Irrespective of our age and gender, we all suffer from one common problem: the pain of picking a unique gift for someone we love. Every year, new gadgets, books and accessories come and go. But somehow, hours of scrolling down different online stores and browsing through a million products will never match up to the joy of a picture postcard. Imagine your friend walking up to the postbox(usually expecting bills) but finds a picture with a special message from you of an old, happy memory that belongs to the both of you to cherish.

 It is quite literally irreplaceable.

2. New friendships are made.

A friend request doesn't come close to the impact a postcard creates. It's a way to block out the noise of technology and blossoming a connection between two people, 90's style. There's a reason why they call it 'the good old days'. :)

3. It's a great travel Journal. 

We often travel and click hundreds of selfies on our phones. We either blindly upload some of them onto Instagram immediately, or they are relegated to our phone galleries until the next time we need a #throwback post.

Now imagine picking one defining moment that trip, coupling it with a few limited words to share it with a friend who couldn’t make it. You could do that to tell them you miss them, or even to make them jealous and furious for having missed the trip. And if you're into it, you could even post it to yourself and build your own real, physical Instagram of memories.

4. Inexpensive and easy to store.

We get gifts throughout the year, and sometimes we don’t carry them with us when we move, simply because it's always better to travel light. But with postcards, they barely take up any space and more importantly, they cost so little for a memory so special. It's something that people would never leave behind, and possibly even put them up on their new walls just like we collect photographs and art that take a 'house' and make it a 'home'.

5. It's a stress-buster.

In today's world, most of us have the habit of juggling several things at once and most of the time, mindlessly multi-tasking. If we're on Netflix, we're also usually scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, giving neither activity the attention it deserves.

Very rarely do we put in all our mind and body into one single task, which is more important than we think it is. Writing a postcard makes sure it does that while also making your mind a lot calmer, transporting it to a better place and time even if it is for a short while.

6. Words are more powerful than weapons.

It's true..the things you choose to say can change everything. Whether you're at a job interview, discussing a strategy with a client, or even talking to a loved one, words are free but also the most powerful asset we all have at our disposal. They can inspire and bring about the kinds of emotions nothing else in this world does.

And with a picture being able to speak a thousand words, they make an unbeatable pair!


If you’ve made it to the end of this list, don’t wait any longer. Send a postcard to someone you are thinking of right now. We promise you that it'll be a rewarding experience for both you and the one you're sending it to.

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Happy Postcarding!

Written by DearPost on Sep 24, 2018