5 Postcard-Worthy Moments of your Life.

1.Your first cup of the day.

Before the hustle or bustle of your day begins, the first cup of tea(or coffee) is always special, as with that cup we also decide what our day is going to look like. So capture that moment, pen down some of your most profound thoughts before taking a huge slurp to kickstart another amazing day.

2. Daily Invisible Rockstars.

Whether it's your friendly Rikshaw-waala, Uber driver, or an interesting acquaintance in the share-auto. Or maybe your hilarious co-worker who makes morning meetings bearable. They're the thankless souls who take 'just another day' and make it so much more eventful, adding zest to your seemingly mundane life. Send a picture of them to a friend or family member far away and tell them why they are special.

3. Food is everything.

Don’t you agree? We wake up waiting to eat the first meal of our day. We wait for lunch breaks at schools and offices, more interested in others' lunch than our own. Or the roadside snack place you stop by every evening for a quick bite. Food is a form of emotion, and emotions are meant to be shared with people we love. It adds meaning to our life.

4. Home is where the heart is.

When you come back home from a long day of work, you always have a familiar face waiting for you, whether it's your dog, partner, child, mom or housemate. Its the things they say and do that make every day special. Even if it's your dog who makes the same silly face every time he sees you.

5. Goofy pictures on your phone.

Every single day, we whip out our phones at any given point of time to click pictures of random, funny, weird, beautiful or strange things that never really make it anywhere except our phone galleries.

But in reality, we all click these silly pictures with a thought in mind. What if we could share these silly, small but still significant moments with our loved ones? Or make picture postcards and post them to ourselves? They would make for such memorable thought journals.

Take a few minutes out today to see what moment you liked the most, and make a picture postcard on www.dearpost.in.

Happy Postcarding!

Written by DearPost on Sep 26, 2018